Quality management at WINI

As an innovative medium-sized company, WINI relies on top-grade products and services in order to maintain its position on markets opening up across Europe and internationally: This is why, as far as we’re concerned, competition for quality takes priority over price competition. At the same time, it guarantees the success of the 'WINI. My office.' brand.

WINI quality encompasses not only the premium quality of the materials deployed and the sophisticated functionalism of our products: it also includes the ergonomic quality – adapting working materials to people – and the ecological quality, which requires resource-saving energy and material management and an easy-to-handle recycling system.

Furthermore, through its integrated Quality Management System according to the globally recognised
ISO 9001 norm, WINI has defined clear corporate goals for the business divisions of development, production, sales, customer service, despatch handling and transport, all of which are examined and certified in annual audits. Today, continuously optimised results lead to transparent and efficient processes within the company – verifiable for our customers and partners. In the face of present competition, we want to significantly expand our position on the market through constant further development of the Quality Management System, thus guaranteeing the ongoing development of the company.

Quality Office

A symbol that people trust

The QUALITY OFFICE symbol stands for something that we take for granted – to focus entirely on the office worker as the real high-achiever. It is the label for the provision of products and services that transcends ordinary regulations and norms. What’s more, this is a certified provision of products and services which exclusively fulfils the high quality standard of the L-Q 2010 Guideline for Quality Criteria for Office Workplaces.

Thanks to QUALITY OFFICE, an office world evolves in which people can work and be healthy, are prepared to be top performers and committed to using their skills. An office world where work is easier, more economical and efficient. (c.f.

The following WINI office furniture ranges currently fulfil the high requirements of guideline L-Q 2010:

Table systems:
Cabinet and storage space systems: WINEA MAXX, WINEA MATRIX, CONTAINER
Acoustic system: WINEA SINUS

Would you like more information about QUALITY OFFICE, or do you require our current QUALITY OFFICE certificates, e.g. for tenders? Simply send us a mail to: